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Which Day Celebrated Friendship Day 2018 in USA INDIA CANADA ENGLAND & PAKISTAN || Friendship Day Messages 2018

Famous Best & Top Messages on Friendship Day 2018:

Hello Everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you are something new in this Friendship Day because you have now few days to celebrate this big event. You all know most countries make this auspicious day on the first Sunday of August which is this time 5th August like India, USA(America) but some another country like as Canada England & Pakistan celebrated this day on 30 July 2018. But one is the same thing, this is a very popular day for every one person life because every person have one amazing friend, who help & care about you. Now start our topic--- What is the main reason of my blog??
ANSWER- Dont forget your friend if you are living so far from your best friends. So here we are sharing with you one of the best messages on Frindship Day 2018, Which celebrated by all over the world with charm. I am an event blogger and write regular wishes post. this is not means for my benefit, this means is I want to impress your friend thru you and also want to your chemistry bonding make strong ever. You can visit my another blog Happy Frindship day 2018 Wallpaper and get Friendship Day 2018 Wallpaper Free Download || Happy Friendship Day Wallpaper 2018 For Boyfriend/ Girlfriend for your loving. Loves your friend.


Happy Friendship Day Messages 2018 For your Loving Friends:

friendship-day-2018 Messages for Dear
friendship-day-2018 Messages for Dear

When it hurts to look back,
and you are scared to look ahead,
you can look beside you
your best friend will be there
Best Messages on Friendship Day 2018

How much we miss our freinds nobody knows
Gate of memories will never close,
How much we miss our freinds nobody knows,
will pass like years,days
And we will remeber those memories like silent tears.
Best Messages on Friendship Day 2018

Never walk away from a true friend.
When u c some faults,
b patient & realize that nobody is perfect.
It's affection that matters,
not perfection.
Best Messages on Friendship Day 2018

Friendship is about writting hurts
Friendship is about writting
where wind blows it and forget,
CARVING the BENEFITS in the STONE and never 4get.
Best Messages on Friendship Day 2018

Both friends will think da other is busy & will not contact, thinking it may be disturbing
As time passes both will think let da other contact
After dat each will think Y shud I contact 1st
Here U'R Love will be converted to Hate
U 4get each other One fine day u will meet & blae 1 another
So keep in touch wid u'r friendz & pass dis 2 all u'r friendz.
Best Messages on Friendship Day 2018

Kabhi Us Insaan ko Nazar Andaz Na Karo
Jo Tumhari Bahut Parwah Karta Ho
Warna Kisi Din Tumhe Ehsas Hoga Ke,
Patthar Jamaa Karte-Karte Tumne HEERA Gawa Diya.
Best Messages on Friendship Day 2018

Wada Karte Hain Dosti Nibhayenge
Koshish Yahi Rahegi Tujhe Na Satyaenge
Zarurat Pade Toh Dil Se Pukarana
Mar Bhi Rahe Honge To Mohlat Lekar Aayenge
Best Messages on Friendship Day 2018

Hasna Humara Kisi Ko Gawara Nahi Hota
Har Musaffir Zindagi Ka Sahara Nahi Hota
Milte Hain Bahut Log Is Tanha Zindagi Mein
Par Koi Dost Tum Sa Pyara Nahi Hota…
Best Messages on Friendship Day 2018

Yahi to khoobsurat dosti ka nata he
Jo bina kisi shart ke jiya jata he
Rahe duriyan darmiyan to parwaah nai
Dost to harpal dil me basaya jaata he
Best Messages on Friendship Day 2018

Kuchh Meethe pal Hamesa Yaad Aate Hai,
Palako Pe Aanshu Chhod Jate Hai|
Kal Koi Aur Mile To HUme Na Bhoolana,
Kyoki Dosti Ke Riste Jingbhar Kaam Aate Hai!!
Best Messages on Friendship Day 2018


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